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Wally, a native of Lewisburg and Erik, a transplant from Philadelphia teamed up for the first time in 2017.  Erik was stuck in corporate America, and Wally was building car washes -- for other people.


Having been to many car washes, each of them knew what most places offer -- a crappy experience with a less-than-clean car.  We're sure you've been to many of those, too.   In rare cases, when a place can wash the car well, it was a boring experience.  And full-details, well they are too expensive.  They wanted something different.  

​They set out to combine their skill sets, and build a car wash experience with lights, smells, and color, as well as an overall shiny, clean car.  The result?   Mighty Shine Express Car Wash.   


As a small business, it took a while to get everything set up and find the right location.  We think Beckley is the perfect spot.  We love the town -- it has the perfect balance of being a small town with big town amenities, too.

When not washing cars, they both enjoy spending time with their families, as well as hunting, NASCAR and football.