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We are locally owned and operated -- not some big fancy company.  Maybe it's our logo, or how we act ultra-professionally, but we're just bringing big-town conveniences to small-town West Virginia families. 

Wally is a native of Lewisburg, WV.   Erik is a transplant to Ripley, West Virginia from Philadelphia, arriving in 2016.  They partnered up for the first time in 2017.  Erik was in corporate America, and Wally was building car washes -- for other people. But Erik was awestruck with Wally's knowledge and experience. They struck up a conversation.

Having been to many car washes, each of them knew what most places offer -- a crappy experience with a less-than-clean and shiny car.  We're sure you've been to many of those, too.  In rare cases, when a place can wash the car well, it was a boring experience.  And a full detail -- they are too expensive. They wanted something different.  

​They set out to combine their skill sets and build a car wash experience with lights, smells, and color, as well as an overall shiny, clean car.  And of course, the right people to make it all go. People are the key to having a great time and experience.  There had to be a better way. The result?  Mighty Shine Express Car Wash.   

As a locally owned small business, it took a while to get everything set up and find the right location for the first one.  We opened on 11/13/2019 in Beckley, a perfect spot between our two towns.  We love the town -- it has the perfect balance of being a small town with big town amenities, too.

In September 2020, we took Wally's existing car wash, renovated it and made it our second Mighty Shine.  In January 2023, we opened our 3rd Mighty Shine in Ripley, WV (Erik's adopted hometown).  Look for even more Mighty Shines in the future!   Know a great place?   Or even have a lot or car wash you want to sell us?   Get in touch!

When not washing cars, they both enjoy spending time with their families, as well as hunting, NASCAR and football.  

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